Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the common questions/curiosities that arise around the Distance Healing Program. If you have further questions we welcome you to write us. Also the Orientation Call provides an opportunity for many inquiries to be clarified with our facilitators.

Why is the Distance Healing Program a prerequisite to potential participation in future Embody True Nature retreats?

Please review our “Health Conditions” page on this website which covers this extensively. For some minor health issues this pre-requisite may not apply and you are welcome to write us to inquire further about your specific condition. 

I’ve completed a 3-month Distance Healing Program and want to attend an Embodying True Nature retreat. What’s next?

In our experience this is a sensitive process that involves a mindful approach that cannot be rushed. Once we determine there’s a positive systemic response to your engagement with us from a distance, we can develop a strategy to safely support a deeper phase of your healing process.

An Embody True Nature retreat is NOT a guaranteed next step. Interested participants may need to provide information from their supervising MD’s to indicate improvements, shifts, and levels of stability. The interest of each participant is considered alongside all relevant medical data to support the healing journey, on case by case basis. 

The decision to move forward to the Embody True Nature is discussed with the Distance Healing Facilitator after a 3-month program. The Paititi Distance Healing team and Retreat Facilitators evaluate the participant's health and level of engagement in the program. In cases of serious health conditions, steps are taken to determine stability including doctor reports and recent medical test results. The minimum 3-month program creates a foundation for moving forward, and the best next step varies from case to case. Examples include:

  • An Embodying True Nature retreat

  • Other shorter retreats facilitated in Peru

  • An event during Paititi Institute's tours outside of Peru

  • Additional time with the Distance Healing Program

I am diagnosed with a severe health condition. What results have you seen in the past?

Over the years Paititi has seen many people go into full remission from many conditions, some of them terminal and considered incurable by Western medicine. Examples include colon cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, crohn’s disease, hepatitis C, lyme disease, IBS, diabetes, chronic migraines, depression, PTSD and substance abuse, among others. 

While we’ve seen improvements in many cases and are willing to support the healing journey, we can neither promise, nor guarantee any results. Since this is an educational program, it’s essential for the participant to be engaged, showing continuous initiative in their own process and discipline maintaining stricter dietary regimens.

In the western, allopathic approach to health conditions are systematically classified. From our experience, while two people may be given the same diagnostic label, the healing approach can vary significantly. 

Can the Distance Healing Program alone help to heal, or is a visit to the healing center in Peru necessary?

Yes, the Distance Healing Program alone can help. In some cases, participants find complete resolution or the direction needed to continue the improving on their own. The results are unique for each person. Many benefit from the Distance Healing Program without intending to visit Peru.

Each case is unique and it’s essential for participants to provide their health background in the application process and initial Orientation call so the team can determine the appropriate options.

Are there any available discounts or work trade options? 

Currently there are no discounts or scholarships available and we work hard to keep the cost of the program as low as possible dedicating each participant substantial personal attention. 

Regarding work trade, once we get to know someone well enough and in person, we may be open to exploring options. Participation in the Institute’s initiatives can help develop the necessary connection.

Does Distance Healing Program participation include a discount to the Embody True Nature retreat?

Embodying True Nature retreat discounts aren’t available for Distance Healing participants. These month-long retreats are distinct events covered at cost and require extensive resources and logistics.

In our experience, by making a monetary contribution towards the healing process, participants are more engaged. An energetic exchange is established and there’s a sense of dedication through reciprocity.