Getting Started & Orientation


A Distance Healing Journey can be initiated at any time. Below outlines the basic steps to begin...

  1. Fill out the intake form
  2. Submit your application fee ($25) or pay in full
  3. We will contact you in order schedule your orientation call. Please note that there are times when we have a wait list in which case you will be notified regarding your approximate start time.
  4. After your orientation call you will have the opportunity to decide if you are ready to begin the journey. 
  5. Once your final contribution and signed engagement package has been received we will initiate your program right away.

Orientation Calls:

The orientation call is an opportunity to connect with some of the facilitators you will be working with directly before you begin. During the orientation call we will take you through the general flow of the program and share with you the best ways to engage with us in order to get the maximum benefit. There will be an opportunity to raise any questions or concerns you have. If after the call you do not feel the program is for you then there is no obligation to continue.