Getting Started & Orientation


Paititi has worked with a variety of conditions over the years and has a deep respect for each individual’s unique process, which is why there is not an ‘end goal’ or guaranteed result based on a step by step process. Instead, each participant is encouraged to engage in the journey fully and be open to what unfolds within every moment. 

There are many different levels of conditions that participants face and it is important to realize that the Distance Healing Program, as well as our retreats in Peru, may not be the most suitable fit for all individuals as it requires a shifts in lifestyle that may not be acceptable by some. 

People living with more serious conditions, whether it be mental illness or terminal diseases, or those that are on numerous pharmaceutical medications, may require an approach that Paititi Institute does not offer at this time. This will be determined through the application process and initial Orientation Call. Paititi Institute is deeply dedicated towards bringing benefit to all beings, while understanding that in some cases this Distance Healing Program may not be beneficial.

A Distance Healing Journey can be initiated at any time. Below outlines the beginning steps:

  1. Familiarize yourself with Paititi Institute and our approach toward the healing process through this website and the Paititi Institute Blog.

  2. Fill out the intake form

  3. Submit your non-refundable application fee ($25) 

  4. You will receive a confirmation that the application has been received and we will schedule your orientation call. If there is a waiting list, you will be notified of the estimated timing to start your program and schedule your orientation call.

  5. After your orientation call, you can decide if you’re ready to begin the journey. You’ll receive an email with the next steps to initiate the Distance Healing Program, including the link to make your remaining contribution and an engagement package to sign and send back.

  6. Once your final contribution and signed engagement package is received, we’ll initiate your program.

Orientation Calls:

The orientation call is an opportunity to connect with your facilitator directly and are held via Skype or Whatsapp. During the 20-30 minute call, we guide you through the program, providing an opportunity to ask questions. If after the call you feel the program is unsuitable for your healing process, there’s no obligation to continue.

In some cases, the Distance Healing Program team may decide the program isn’t the best fit for a potential participant. This decision is based on evaluation of the facilitation team’s current ability to support the applicant’s state of being. In our experience, the Distance Healing Program may not be beneficial for certain conditions. Examples include late stage terminal illnesses, certain mental disorders, or cases of desperation for an ‘easy’ or ‘external’ solution. In these instances, the decision will be made by the facilitation team and the applicant will be informed.