Program Overview


This evolutionary health program involves a multidisciplinary approach towards the discovery and resolution of suffering in a human being. There are diverse tools that are utilized during the healing process to aid in changes of nutrition, lifestyle and dominating perspectives that are often contributing factors to a disease. The healing process requires a dedicated effort on the part of the participant and many changes in lifestyle have to be implemented in a sustainable way including dietary, emotional, spiritual and physical.

An indispensable element here is how one’s consciousness relates to the sensations and symptoms which underlie every disease. Specifically the perspective with which one views life determines the outcome of life. When one’s attitude in life changes towards discovery, inner growth, and the limitless realm of possibilities then healing becomes possible.

 The program consists of multiple facets to ensure that the healing addresses the whole being- mind, body, and spirit. In our experience, there is a lot more to a specific condition than just nutritional factors. Hence, the Distance Healing Program consists of several modalities which work synergistically with each other. The 3 month period has several reasons behind it – specifically for the nutritional program this provides a sufficient amount of time to see how the organism interacts with a nutritional approach and provides some experiential steps to continue developing one’s own unique strategy. This approach also allows those who do choose to work with us on a deeper level at our center in Peru to gradually transition to a much stricter dietary regimen that is often a part of a healing program at the center. At the same time our facilitators are able to see whether the organism can adapt to a different frequency of being through the nutritional changes and how that can support the overall healing process after the three month are over.

The Distance Healing Journey consists of four elements:

  1. Personalized Nutritional Program

  2. Shamanic Transpersonal Dream Exploration

  3. One-on-One Transformational Coaching

  4. Tap into our Collective Healing Frequency with Energetic Healing

Personalized Nutrition Program

The Personalized Nutritional Program is an educational resource that provides information customized to the unique health condition of the participant - including dietary, supplement, and herbal resources suggestions, as well as recipes and methods on how to make these dietary shifts. 

Participants are encouraged to utilize the Nutritional Program as a springboard to initiate additional research, working to implement nutritional changes. After receiving the nutritional program, Distance Healing facilitators are available to consult with questions throughout the active period of the program however nutritional changes should be self-directed and up to the discretion of each individual to determine which aspect of the Nutritional Program should be implemented based on individual research. This self-direction and engagement is a foundation for the discipline required to promote a healthy internal landscape.  In this way, individuals become informed advocates of their own well-being and, in our experience, the changes made become more sustainable when self-motivated. 

This individualized approach to nutrition initiates the healing process, allows us to observe how the organism adapts to the dietary changes, and initiates the individual to become more self-directed towards well-being.The Nutritional Program requires an active level of initiative and engagement on the participant's side.

Shamanic Transpersonal Dreamwork

Dream Work is a tool which supports us to identify the psychosomatic source of the dis-ease; contributing conditions and suppressed content of the subconscious. This process involves documenting and evaluating series of dreams to identify recurring key motifs. Getting to know the transpersonal archetypal language can produce a powerful insight into the communication of the subconscious regarding the healthy equilibrium of the organism. In essence, this tool helps assess how hidden personality traits and emotional/mental patterns influence the health condition at hand. The Dreamwork is implemented using indigenous shamanic approaches woven with modern Transpersonal Psychology.

Participants type a recent series of dreams and communications are conducted over email, with the one-on-one coaching via skype. Over the 3 month program, participants receive a 1-hour coaching session each month, addressing the most recent round of dreams, the different patterns that surface, and how they relate to the participant’s waking life.  The Dream Exploration and Transformational Coaching are paired together to provide reflection, as well as to promote the application of responsive changes in one’s daily experience.

One-on-One Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching offers a compassionate and uncompromising reflection that supports the participant to realize the blind spots in a relationship to the self, family, community, nature and the universe at large. Coaching facilitators gracefully combine formal training with an intuitive understanding of the human psyche. There are three main outcomes intended in these sessions:

  1. The participant feels safe – By being heard at a level that they’re not normally used to,  participants are able to relax and open up, thereby moving deeper into the experience that they’re wanting to change or bring light to.

  2. The participant feels seen –  By implementing tools that allow the participant to receive a level of empathy and compassion, sessions allow participants to clearly see themselves without being “told” something about themselves.

  3. The participant feels capable of change – By receiving strategic assistance, or a plan toward the implementation of what needs to change, the participant feels empowered to make the necessary positive changes to facilitate healing.

Exploring the different patterns that were revealed through the Dream Exploration, the Transformation Coaching provides tools, perspectives, and practices on how to respond in one’s waking life to the messages of the subconscious. Accessing a sense of greater clarity on the different habitual patterns and deep rooted conditions, the participant is empowered to make tangible shifts in his/her waking life from a place of heart-centered responsiveness, rather than conditioned reactiveness. The Dream Exploration provides a blueprint of the transformation journey and the coaching offers ways to embody resolution and learn how to navigate life’s experience, directed by each individual’s inner healer.

All Coaching is done over phone, Facetime or Skype. The Full Package program includes 3 hour-long calls, generally 1 hour long call per month. 

Tap into our Collective Healing Frequency with Energetic Healing

The Amazonian indigenous medicine tradition has a practice where the healing life force of the Mother of Mother Nature is channeled to a person located far away in special sacred ceremonies. The energetic healing supports well-being and harmony during the challenging times of healing and assists the organism in subtle ways. The connection to the healing frequency of the organization develops in that way long before actually meeting each other in person. The effects may also include more meaningful dreams that manifest throughout engagement and sometimes beyond.

Input vs Output

It’s essential to note that willingness to sacrifice habitual patterns no matter how comfortable we are with them is essential to this work. The conditioned ego usually enjoys different habitual traits without considering the whole organism and therefore humbling the ego through resolution of unhealthy and implementation of healthy habits is crucial for health regeneration.

The underlying intention here goes much further than the healing of the physical part of our existence to the realm of evolutionary transformation of consciousness. What is usually considered to be a random bothersome occurrence can actually reveal a higher evolutionary meaning and significantly improve the quality of life.

One of the most essential reasons for the minimum 3 month period is that this chapter of time working closely together provides a way to cultivate not only a relationship with oneself, but to develop this relationship with Paititi Institute as well. Through a deepened connection, this foundational relationship can be in service of overcoming many different doubts and fears which can prevent someone from fully going through the healing crises and into the activated healing potential of the organism. Without that supportive relationship and foundation established, the healing is not as effective and sustainable. Paititi Institute deeply values a healing approach that is sustaining throughout one’s experience beyond a program or retreat. Rather than being a ‘dose’ of healing, the Distance Healing Program offers a continuous “compass”, a transformation system, that can serve as a life-long navigation tool towards a greater place of perspective and well-being.