Health Condition Pre-Requisite


In cases when a health condition is involved it is a pre-requisite in the Paititi Institute to go through the complete Distance Healing Program for a minimum period of three months. At the completion of the program each participant is evaluated for the possibility of attending the physical location of our healing center in Peru or other healing strategies. Participation in the Distance Healing Program does not guarantee admission to participate at the physical location of the healing center in Peru. Your initiative and direct involvement are essential for this process to take place. 

The Distance Healing Program is for educational purposes only and is available to be implemented at the discretion and informed choice of the participant and is not meant as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment. All the info provided by the Distance Healing Facilitation team  must be confirmed by the overseeing physician or licensed health care professional. While we have seen improvement in symptoms and are willing to support the healing journey, we can neither promise, nor guarantee any results. Since this is an educational program, it is essential for the participant to be engaged in their own process as well as a discipline to maintain stricter dietary regimens through personal initiative.

The Distance Healing Program is a REQUIREMENT for attending a retreat in Peru for those with health conditions as it prepares the participant to fully immerse in the transformation journey, cultivates the initial relationship between the participant and Paititi Institute and allows for a more grounded and gradual preparation. This foundation of resonance with the traditions and approaches, as well as the facilitators, is where an autonomous life-long discipline of well-being is established. This foundation is what allows the process to be sustainable, as well as provides a scaffolding of support, understanding, and trust between participants and Paititi Institute. In our experience, this is essential to move deeper through the layers of conditioning and access a greater momentum on the evolutionary healing journey. 

 This preparation is essential and we have found throughout the years that the relationship and foundation built in the Distance Healing Process allows for a much more successful healing journey. The gradual, grounded, conscious approach yields deeper, more lasting results. While the length of the program is only 3 month, the nutritional, life style and psycho-somatic approaches allow our participants to develop their own sense of clear direction in order to cultivate the healing journey indefinitely after the completion of the 3 month. We have seen very beneficial results just through the distance healing program. 

That is the essence of the approach at our Institute where it is up to each participant to become fully involved in their own healing process and learn how to take full responsibility for that process, gradually and eventually learning not to depend on anyone or anything.

 One of the reasons for the pre-requisites of the distance healing approach before the medicine retreat in Peru is specifically to prepare people for that kind of responsibility of becoming one’s own healer. By acquiring and familiarizing oneself with the different tools and practices that become empowering on that journey, the healing regeneration of the organism can be supported throughout one’s lifetime. That is how the ancient traditions which we work with approach the healing of many sicknesses and diseases.

Through this program, Paititi Institute also has the opportunity to align with the attitude and engagement of each person as it is very important for us to see if we are a good fit to support someone on their healing journey beyond the initial 3 month program.