In development since 2001 through the experience of Paititi Institute based on millennia of wisdom from Ando-Amazonian indigenous cultures and Eastern holistic traditions with the support of Transpersonal psychology

If you are seeking healing and self realization that unlocks your evolutionary path as a human being then this program can help unfold the potential of you and your inner healer. After close to 20 years of experience with this approach applied to thousands of people in a live retreat setting, this distance healing program is designed to bring the same essence of self actualizing potential while being able to reach those who may be unable to experience it in person. If you are interested in being empowered on your journey to break free from the patterns of dis-ease, we are here in service.

The Distance Healing Program is for educational purposes only and is available to be implemented at the discretion and informed choice of the participant and is not meant as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment. All the info provided by the Distance Healing Facilitation team must be confirmed by the overseeing physician or licensed health care professional. While we have seen improvement in symptoms and are willing to support the healing journey, we can neither promise, nor guarantee any results. Since this is an educational program, it is essential for the participant to be engaged in their own process as well as a discipline to maintain stricter dietary regimens through personal initiative.

The particular approach of Paititi Institute was designed over a number of years and experiences after Roman Hanis, Cynthia Robinson, and other facilitators had studied with indigenous healers of the Amazon and the Andes (such as the Ashuar, Huitoto, Quechua, and Mestizo healers). The main facet of this approach is quite different from the more conventional modern mentality of telling people what to do along every step of the way-  looking outside oneself for a ‘fix’ that addresses the symptoms and not the source, which within each individual is seen as the capacity to face the challenges at hand. The participant is provided with educational information from which they are free to make informed choices and then learn through personal experience. This journey is intended to help unravel the inner healer by becoming in tune with all of the facets of participant’s life through inspired engagement and initiative.  

The Distance Healing Program is an opportunity to dive deeper in one’s personal transformational journey by learning how to listen deeply to the messages of the organism and how to respond by making positive changes in one’s own life from a place of inspiration, rather than desperation.

It is up to each individual to cultivate receptivity and intuition and check in throughout the course to gain a point of reference with the facilitators who have seen numerous people’s experiences and gone through their own similar process of activating the inner healer.